Lavender (Whole Cake)

Lavender (Whole Cake)


Such a Uniquely-Flavored and Beautiful cake, with calming aromatic of cream infused with real Lavender. This is a moist, tender cake with a delightful and delicious lavender flavor in both the cake and the cream. Topped beautifully with the flower-shaped pastry cream. This cake is definitely one to try if you’re looking for something different, unique, and delicious!


Cake weight: approx 1.3kg (22cm)

Cake will be delivered frozen. Thaw for 20mins to 30mins before serving.


    Free Delivery in Singapore. 

    Monday to Saturday (except public holiday) (11 am- 6 pm)

    *Additional Charges of S$15.00 for Weekend and Public Holidays.

    *Sunday / Public Holiday (11 am- 6 pm)